How can I get my prospects more excited about the solutions we can bring them?

If you want to get prospects excited about working with you, stop talking about the products/services you offer and start discussing the problems they have that make your products/services necessary.

Focus on the problem, not the product

As soon as your prospect senses you are there to push your agenda, you’ll lose them. But, if they see you are there to further their agenda, you will gain their undivided attention.

Most brokers show up excited to talk about their collection of products/solutions. The prospect sees this as the broker pushing his/her agenda, and it immediately puts the prospect on the defensive. Nobody enjoys being sold to.

Don’t make your products/solutions the focal point of your prospect conversation. Instead, make the problems you solve with those products/solutions the focal point. This will pull the buyer into the conversation because now the conversation is about them and helping them make better buying decisions.

Preparing for a buyer-focused conversation

For every value-added service you have, answer the following questions:

  • What problem(s) can I solve with this solution?
  • Why is it important to solve this problem?
  • What question(s) can I ask to learn whether or not a prospect is currently addressing this problem or not?

After answering these questions for each value-added service, organize them into a systematic evaluation you will review with each prospect. Intentionally discuss each area of their business you can impact. By helping them understand the areas of their business for which they need a better solution, they will be much more excited about the products/solutions you can put in place to help them get better results.

Never lead with a product/solution, lead them to your product/solution.


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