What impact does content marketing have on my business?

Content marketing establishes brand and authority within your community. It helps reach more people, educate your leads, and bring people into and through your pipeline.

Content marketing builds your online presence using educational information that speaks to a broad, yet relevant, audience and sets you up as a voice of authority within your community. Marketing won't do your prospecting for you, but given time, it will drive more and more people to you, helping fill your pipeline while nurturing leads and building strong, trust-based relationships.  

Content creation creates momentum over time. People too often turn to marketing when their pipeline is empty, thinking a few activities will change the dry drip to a gushing faucet. Marketing is a long game and you must commit to playing it that way. Establish your presence and build your subscriber list long before you need it because when you need it and don't have it, you can't squeeze any more water out of that dry faucet. 

Accountability, teamwork, and collaboration 

For your content to make an impact, it must become a team activity. It's not enough to simply publish a blog or send out a post. People must interact with your content for it to be picked up and shared with frequency by algorithms on social media. The more interaction, the more relevant and authoritative it appears, and the more it is shared.  

Educate your teams about their roles on social media, how to interact with your content, and create an expectation for their commitment to do so. We've seen time and time again the disappointment of a company who has been putting out content, but not interacting with it on social platforms. It's critical that your team, from marketing to sales to leadership, works together to interact with the content you share. 

The results 

By consistently producing reliable, relevant content, you will begin to build an audience that expects you to deliver on the promise of providing answers they need to questions and frustrations they have. This practice will help you draw in better informed, higher qualified, and more engaged leads. They will be prepared to talk to and work with your company because they trust in the ideas and advice you consistently share.  

Over time, your content will work for your brand, helping to increase brand recognition and trust-based relationships within your community, which will lead to a healthier pipeline and increased sales.