Billing and memberships

Learn how to view your memberships, update billing/contact information, and see your payment history.

To access and view your memberships, update your billing and contact information, and see your payment history, click on your profile image, select Account Settings, and then select Billing & Membership.

Billing & Membership

Here, you will be able to see the type of membership you have, if your subscription is enabled and active, and how many seats your account has (if you purchased a membership that includes multiple seats). 

Contact Information

You can change and update your contact information at any time. Fill in the required information, then click on the Save Profile button to save your changes. 

Billing Information

Here, you can update your billing information for your subscriptions. 

  • Start by selecting your subscription from the dropdown menu.
  • Choose the payment information that you want to update.
  • Follow the prompted instructions. 

Payment History

Here, you will see your payment history for any subscription you have purchased: Date of purchase, Total cost of your purchase, MembershipMethodStatus, and Invoice number (scroll to the right to see this additional information).