Do I need to participate in marketing activities each week?

High-growth organizations consistently participate in marketing activities. Marketing should be an ongoing activity for your organization and your team members and not a one-time or occasional project.

The purpose of marketing activities is to build brand awareness and reader confidence and trust through regular interaction – especially when that interaction is educational, entertaining, relevant, and valuable.

Engage with others enough that they begin to know you, like you, and trust you. This can only happen with interaction and time spent. Put in the time, and you’re more likely to earn results.

According to LinkedIn, salespeople who engage in social media to be helpful, engaging, and social see increased results.

  • Social selling leaders create 45% more opportunities.
  • Social selling leaders are 51% more likely to reach their quota.
  • 78% of social sellers outsell peers who don’t use social media.

While these are stats specifically for LinkedIn, we can extrapolate to assume that people who are more engaged in their network, regardless of medium, will see success.

Once you develop the habit of regular activity, keep it up because people come to count on your insight. And the more places people can find you, the more likely they are to develop the know/like/trust trifecta that is important for selling.

Start slow

Don’t jump in with over-the-top goals. Start with a small goal and master it. Then add to it.

For example, if you’re not used to speaking, don’t set a goal of speaking monthly. Start with a single speaking engagement and then add another one.

If you’re not used to using LinkedIn, start with 10-15 minutes three times a week. Get comfortable with how it works, where to find your audience, and what you want to contribute. Then increase the days per week or the time spent, or become more targeted with your time.

If you’ve not written blogs before, set a goal of one per month. Don’t overwhelm yourself with responsibilities. When you get that published, think about the next one.

Here’s a chart to get you started. Make a list of what you do for marketing activities either as a company or individually. Copy it, modify it to fit your activity goals, and discuss as a team how you’re going to establish a regular habit for each form of marketing activity for your organization.



Who participates













Press Releases









Establishing a LinkedIn habit

Here’s a getting started plan for building a LinkedIn habit. Copy it, modify to fit your needs, and post it by your monitor to keep it top of mind.

Every day activity – Like, Comment, Share, Tag (15 minutes)

  • Check out the Company page content and interact
  • Review your home feed of posts and interact
  • Check your notifications and respond accordingly

Three days per week (15 – 30 minutes)

  • Look up clients and prospects. Connect with them and others in the company. Add a personal note when sending an invite.
  • Follow their companies.
  • When exciting things happen for them, give them kudos.
  • Look for new connections to expand your network. Search for specific people or people in a company or industry. Reach out to people you see sharing or commenting on posts.

Receive rewarding interactions

The more you do marketing activities, the better you will get. You will also, with time, receive rewarding and meaningful interactions from your target audience.