How can I connect with the Q4iNetwork on the member site?

Members can connect by engaging in discussion groups, attending network events, checking out the agency page, scrolling through the member activity, and strengthening their personal profile on the Member Forum.

Here is how to connect with other Q4iNetwork members on the member site:

  • Connect, discuss ideas, and share insights with the Q4iNetwork by registering and attending mostly monthly Video Discussions. These are organized conversations around Q4i Growth Platform topics of marketing, sales, service, and leadership.
  • Engage in Discussion Groups by writing and replying to posts in topical discussion groups. Subscribe to topics of interest and receive email notices when new topics are added.
  • Scroll through Member Activity to see a complete timeline of discussion posts and replies.
  • Update your profile. Go to the top toolbar, click ‘Me’, and then click ‘Profile’ (see screenshot).
    Member Profile Screen Shot 
    • Add a profile picture and cover image.
    • Connect with others by sending friend requests and direct messages.
    • View your friends list and “Wall” where you can see your discussion posts and replies.
  • Go to the Agencies page to see a listing of other agencies in the network, including main contacts, location, website, and social (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.).