How do I convince my sales team they need to participate in marketing activities?

Help your sales team see the value in participating by educating them on the purpose and value of the activity.

Start with education 

For your sales team to want to participate, they need to see the value in what you’re asking them to do. If they don’t understand the purpose of marketing, they won’t understand the meaning of the tasks assigned to them.   

Clarify how their participation will make their jobs easier through creating better prepared, educated prospects. Marketing is doing an important job that is going to help them put opportunities in the pipeline. It is in their interest to participate in marketing. 

Make it about them

Effective marketing means that the audience your business is speaking to becomes more and more knowledgeable about what your company has to offer, how it works, what your values are—in essence, marketing is an educational tool.  

The more educated your audience is, the more qualified they will be when they begin to approach the decision stage in their journey. When prospects already have a sense of your business, your product, and what it’s like to work with you, it builds trust and leads to a natural conclusion for them to take a meeting with you. In effect, your conversion rates will rise, and your sales team will have to do less to get them through the door.  

Whatever it is that you’re asking your sales team to do—whether it’s inputting data or participating on social media—help them understand the bigger picture of how their efforts will pay off for them and your company.