How do I create email templates in HubSpot?

Below is a video and instructions showing you how to create 1 to 1 email templates in HubSpot.

Here is a video with instructions on how to create email templates in HubSpot. If you want to read along, read the text below the video.

To create email templates in HubSpot:

  • Log into HubSpot navigate to “Conversations” and “Templates.” Here you’ll see all of your organization’s created templates.
  • Select the orange “New Template” button to create a new one. You can choose to either create an email from scratch or select a pre-written email template from HubSpot’s library.
  • While building your template, you can customize formatting, attach documents, add meeting links, and add personalization tokens, which will automatically pull data from the contact or company record to which you are sending the email.