How do I help manage employee stress?

You can help your employees manage stress by recognizing the signs of stress, checking in with them when necessary, giving them time and space, encouraging overall wellness, and providing counseling opportunities.

Helping employees manage stress helps them to identify triggers and gives them the tools to protect their health and wellbeing. Here is how you can help manage employee stress.

Recognize the signs

When your employees are stressed, they will show visible signs, such as:

  • A decrease in the quality of their work
  • A decrease in productivity
  • A work/life imbalance
  • Poor physical and mental health
  • Low morale and motivation
  • Impacted workplace relationships

If your employees show these signs or feel any kind of pressure, talk to them and listen to their concerns. You can help them with signs of stress by offering them permission to prioritize projects, adjust deadlines, or take needed time off.

Check in when necessary

It is important to check in with your employees whenever they feel stressed. Obtain as much information as possible about what causes them to feel stress at work, and brainstorm ways to help them get past it.

Give them time and space

Stress can’t be avoided, but employees should have space to go to take a quick break and destress. If you have an office space, it could be providing a room that is a nap/lounge area or encouraging employees to set boundaries around their hours of availability. If your business is a remote environment, it could be encouraging employees to schedule no-meeting days on their calendars.

Encourage overall wellness

Employees can be energetic and at their best when they are healthy and well. Encourage overall wellness, such as yoga, walking breaks, healthy snacks, and access to health and wellness apps.

Provide counseling opportunities

Teach your employees how to manage stress by providing on-site or distance counseling or setting aside time for employees to brainstorm stress management techniques with you and your team.