How do I hire for cultural fit?

To find the best employees who fit your company culture, define and communicate what cultural fit means, live the essence of your company culture, be true to who you are, be diverse, and ask questions and test them out.

Company culture is essential to employees and candidates, and employers need to hire capable, productive, and loyal employees. Here are some ways you can hire for cultural fit.

Define what cultural fit means

You cannot hire for cultural fit if you have not defined what it means. Ask yourself and your team these questions:

  • What is our purpose?
  • What things do we value?
  • How will those values guide our actions, behaviors, and decisions?
  • What are our priorities?
  • How do we support our employees? Our community?
  • How does our work make a difference in the world?

Communicate what it means

Defining your vision is key to building a solid culture. Make sure your company values and vision are communicated clearly and often.

Live the essence of your company culture

If there are discrepancies between your cultural story and your cultural experience, people will catch on. Your company culture is not only words and values, it is how you embody those words and values.

Be true to who you are as an organization

Be true to who you are as an organization. If you value a high-risk, high-reward atmosphere, or a low-key, low-stress environment, make sure that comes through in your job listings, applications, and the career section of your website. 

Be diverse

Diversity of thought, background, and life experience makes for a well-rounded team. Never use cultural fit to discriminate based on race, gender, religion, and other protected classes.

Ask questions, and test them out

Gather your current employees. Ask them questions such as:

  • What do they think makes them a good fit for the team?
  • What do they love most about working for your company?
  • Why do they continue to stay?

Brainstorm potential interview questions based on these responses, and then have your current employees answer them honestly. Look for patterns that emerge and characteristics or qualities that consistently come up because these are the things you want to look for in your future hires.

Find the best employees for your company culture

Develop an ideal candidate profile that pulls from your in-house research. Ask yourself what kind of person you are looking for and which traits are the most desirable. Once you know whom you are targeting, think about where you are most likely to find candidates that match your ideal client profile.