How do I make marketing a priority at my insurance agency?

Make marketing a priority for your insurance agency by starting slowly. Change behaviors and habits over time until marketing activities become an ingrained part of agency activity.

Marketing is a necessary function for any sales organization, including an insurance agency. However, engaging in marketing activities to present and promote an agency to potential clients is not something that agencies have engaged in until fairly recently.

Creating the habit is the most difficult part, so starting slowly and working up to a more robust program is an excellent way to establish a strong foundation for a marketing program.

Right now, your team likely focuses mainly on processes, service, and selling. Start slowly by adding a single marketing activity to your mix, such as engaging on LinkedIn. Establish one habit and then add a new activity. Establish another habit and then add a new activity.

Eventually, you and your team will move from being solely focused on processes, service, and selling and will have a more even balance with marketing activities.

Review this graphic to simplify and clarify how time is likely spent in your agency today and how time allocation can change to adjust for new priorities. Copy or print out the graphic, hang it over your desk, and add your own milestones and timeframes to it to make it useful for visualizing your progress.

Think of this graphic as a general plan to use as a reminder of where you’re going as an agency, keep you and your team on track, and focus on priorities.