Submit a compliance question

Submit a compliance question by navigating to the Submit a question button in the Compliance | Client Alerts & Webinars group and filling out the form.


🗒️ Note: If your question falls outside the scope of the engagement we have with our attorney, they will let you know and provide options to work with them directly.   

Follow these steps to submit a compliance question:

  • When logged into the Q4intelligence site on any page, navigate to Groups.
  • Click the Compliance | Client Alerts & Webinars.
  • Click Submit a question in the upper right corner to navigate to the compliance form. 
  • Fill out the form with your name, email address, and question.
  • Click Submit.

Submit a compliance question GIF

All questions received will be submitted to our attorney within 24 hours of submission. The wait time for an answer can be up to three days, depending on whether the attorneys require additional information to answer your request.