What are HubSpot’s email analysis and health tools?

HubSpot’s Marketing Email Analyze and Health dashboards provide insights on marketing email performance and recommendations for improving email deliverability and performance.

The Analyze and Health dashboards in HubSpot help you review your current and historical email performance. The tools help you understand your contacts better over time by showing trends, key metrics, and how people engage with your emails.

By using these tabs, you can:

  • Analyze your overall email marketing campaigns or select a specific campaign.
  • Review key metrics of your marketing email performance with Recipient engagement and Delivery reports, including your overall open rate, click-through rate, unsubscribe rate, and hard bounce rate.
  • Understand how contacts interact with your emails (i.e., mobile, desktop).
  • Save reports to your reports library and export your email performance data.
  • Review overall email health, which breaks down essential measurements of a healthy email reputation.
  • Receive recommendations on improving your performance based on your lowest and highest-performing emails.

Overall, the insights and recommendations in the Analyze and Health dashboards can help you improve your email deliverability and performance, understand your contacts better, and deliver valuable content.

To learn more, click here to watch a video walkthrough.