What are some content ideas I can post on my LinkedIn?

Use LinkedIn to your advantage by posting long-form posts, articles, adjacent industry content, data, employee, agency, and team achievements, hacks/tips/how-tos, User-Generated Content, and replies to discussions. This type of content gives value.

Only 3 million users out of the 740 million LinkedIn users share content every week on the platform. Simply filling out a profile is not enough—you need to use the platform by posting content. Here are some ideas for content to post on your LinkedIn or your insurance agency’s LinkedIn page.

Long-form content

A general rule for LinkedIn is to offer people value. Long-form content like whitepapers, how-to guides, research reports, and case studies provide value. There is no hard stop on how long long-form content should be, only that the content is engaging and interesting.


LinkedIn has a feature where native content (content that keeps users on the platform longer) can be published right on the platform. There are 110,000 characters to work with, along with headlines, linking, and image support. Again, like long-form content, keep your articles engaging and interesting.

Adjacent industry content

You work in the insurance industry, but other industries related to insurance can generate ideas for LinkedIn content. For example, the healthcare industry and healthcare costs can lead to a post on LinkedIn on why having health insurance is essential.

Original data

If you have case studies or original data, this is something to consider posting. Posting original data gives users another reason to share your content and positions you as an expert in your industry.

Employee, agency, and team achievements/spotlights

Posts do not have to be “all business.” Things like industry awards, agency growth, and work anniversaries give people a window into you and your agency. You can also post team spotlights that introduce people to your team—who they are, their position, favorite things/hobbies, etc. This kind of content allows people to get to know a bit about you and your team and gives them an idea of whom they might work with if they engage with your agency.

Hacks, tips, and how-tos

Providing a hack, tip, or how-to is as simple as writing a post about a valuable industry resource. Again, this is about giving value to your audience.

User-Generated Content (UGC)

User-Generated Content (UGC) is items like reviews and testimonials. It gives diversity to the content in your LinkedIn pipeline and gives another authentic voice for your LinkedIn brand.

Infographics and videos

Remember that social media is also a visual platform. You can share infographics or videos with your audience that informs and educates them about topics in your industry.


Tip: Most infographics are both long and wide, which makes them difficult to share on LinkedIn. For infographics, divide them into sections and post them either as separate visual posts or as a presentation. 


Tip: Upload your videos to LinkedIn to turn them into native content. The specifications for LinkedIn videos are as follows:

  • Maximum file size – 5 GB
  • Minimum file size – 75 KB
  • Maximum video duration – 10 minutes
  • Minimum video duration – 3 seconds
  • Resolution range (how big or small your video displays) – 256x144 to 4096x2304
  • Aspect ratio (ratio of width to height) –  1:2.4 (standard movie format) to 2.4:1 (widescreen movie format)
  • Frame rates (rate at which video images are captured/displayed, in frames per second) –  10 fps – 60 fps
  • Bit rate (amount of information sent per second over a digital network) – 192 kbps – 30 Mbps

Enter discussions

You’ll find conversations on LinkedIn involving many people. These conversations can offer opportunities for you to cast the spotlight onto yourself and your agency but make sure your input offers value, doesn’t sell to others, and that you are fully informed about the subject at hand.

As the LinkedIn algorithm changes, so will the types of content that LinkedIn will accept. Watch this article periodically for updates.