What should be included in my agency marketing plan?

Make your insurance agency marketing plan simple and include a handful of activities that will enhance your brand and support your prospecting efforts.

Employee benefits and insurance agencies benefit from clear, repetitive, educational marketing activities. A good marketing plan includes activities performed by both the company and employees. The combination of both company and employee behaviors creates a more robust brand presence.  

A healthy and consistent brand starts by first defining and documenting the brand. You can read instructions on how to define your agency brand.  

Use your defined brand concepts as the foundation for the messages in your marketing activities.  

Include activities in these six key areas in your marketing plan: 

  1. Website: A hub for your marketing activity written to your audience with concepts from your defined brand documents. Websites can include content for reading or download and forms to capture reader information.
  2. Social media: LinkedIn is the prominent platform for businesses and where producers and the company should focus their daily social efforts.
  3. Content: Sales and marketing teams coordinate on what content is necessary. The marketing team takes the lead to create content such as blog posts, videos, infographics, checklists, etc. 
  4. Events: The company holds in-person or online events such as seminars, webinars, roundtable discussions, or expos.  
  5. Prospect communications: Educational, thought-provoking ideas shared with prospective clients to let them see how you think as an organization. 
  6. Client communications: Practical information to help clients perform their jobs, such as alerts, compliance updates, HR answers, risk notices, etc.  

            Starting with a strong foundation of communications that you and your agency perform consistently is the best way to build a marketing program that supports prospecting efforts.