Why do I need to keep my insurance agency in line with current business practices and technology?

Maintaining and keeping up with current business practices and tools is imperative for growing your business and attracting new clients.

Staying ahead of the competition and on the leading edge of business practices means reviewing and being open to integrating new technology and processes. This can include technology and processes for:

  • Client services, such as enrollment and benefits administration
  • Prospecting and sales
  • Marketing activity
  • Customer service and client management
  • Internal and external communications

How can you do this?

Be intentional

Be intentional by expecting team members to participate in exploration and research and work with curiosity. Encourage people to bring ideas to your team meetings and debate their merits. Some you will implement, some you won’t, and others you’ll consider later. Any outcome is fine – the purpose is to keep your team fresh with ideas and talking points.

Do your research

Make your research and effort double its impact. When educating yourselves about new processes and technology, you can transfer that knowledge to help your clients integrate these practices into their businesses and employee communications.

Expand your ideas into sales opportunities

Growing businesses, such as your clients or prospective clients, look for opportunities through financial or operational gains. Capture their attention by bringing forward-looking ideas to your messaging and conversations. When a company feels they have found a like-minded partner, they’re much more likely to start working—and continue working—with them.